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Your Turnkey Solution for Hosting Venture Competitions

Transform Student Engagement, Foster Innovation, and Discover Groundbreaking Ventures

Why KANU Compete Stands Out

Unlock a World of Opportunities for Your Community
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Choose Your Ideal Competition Style

From Week-long Sprints to Extended Engagements, We've Got You Covered

Competition Type
Commitment Level
Impact Level
Week-long Sprint
1 Week
Quick Results
One-Month Challenge
1 Month
Balanced Effort
Sustainable Impact
Two-Month+ Competition
2+ Months
Extended Engagement
High-Stakes Outcome
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Who's Eligible to Host?

Everyone's Welcome to Host, and It's Tailored Just for You

Clubs and Organizations
Innovation Centers
Schools and Universities



What is KANU Compete?

Answer: KANU Compete is a dynamic platform designed to empower and catalyze entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, facilitating the creation and management of venture competitions.

Who is the target audience for KANU Compete?

Answer: KANU Compete primarily targets innovation centers, academic institutions, and non-profits and organizations aiming to spur innovation and offer value to their communities through venture competitions.

How does KANU Compete support venture creation and innovation?

Answer: KANU Compete provides a suite of tools and resources, including a venture storefront, business traction tracking, and marketing materials, to support participants from idea conception to venture launch.

Is the platform user-friendly for students and participants?

Answer: Yes, KANU Compete features user-friendly tools and interfaces, ensuring swift and smooth participation for students.

How customizable is KANU Compete for hosting competitions?

Answer: KANU Compete offers extensive customization options, allowing hosts to tailor competitions to their unique needs and preferences, including customizable scoring rubrics.

How does KANU Compete ensure fair and transparent prize management?

Answer: The platform facilitates the allocation and distribution of prizes, providing a transparent and equitable rewards system.

Can KANU Compete handle diverse competition types and commitment levels?

Answer: Yes, KANU Compete offers a variety of competition styles tailored to different commitment levels and desired impact.

What kind of support and resources does KANU Compete provide to hosts and participants?

Answer: KANU Compete provides ongoing support and a wealth of resources to hosts and participants, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience for all involved.

How does KANU Compete contribute to sustainable and scalable competitions?

Answer: The platform is built with a focus on creating sustainable, scalable competitions that leave a lasting impact on participants and the wider community.

Is there a hassle-free setup and efficient management process in place?

Answer: Yes, KANU Compete provides a seamless and intuitive setup process and streamlines the competition management process, allowing hosts to focus more on fostering innovation and less on logistical hassles.

How can KANU Compete enhance engagement and expand the reach of competitions?

Answer: By organizing competitions through KANU Compete, hosts can significantly boost student engagement and tap into a wide network of potential participants and stakeholders, enhancing the visibility and impact of their competitions.

Real Success Stories

They Did It. So Can You.


Hear It Straight from Our Satisfied Partners
"I checked the contest page, and OMG, you saved me so much time! We truly appreciate how much work you are putting into it. I used the information to create a page on our website."
- Katerina Lewis Archer, Director of Programming at BMCC Blackstone Launchpad

“With KANU's dashboard, selecting a winner for our state-wide competition became a breeze. The real magic? It's all in the performance data. A game-changer for effortless judging!”
Annette Tonti, Director of RIHUB

“Engaging the creative entrepreneurs has always been a challenge. With KANU's platform, we've seen a remarkable uptick in participation and enthusiasm from our entrepreneurial community. It's the bridge we needed to connect innovative thinkers to the URI Launch Lab.”
Keith Ranaldi, Director at URI Launch Lab
"With KANU, we witnessed an unprecedented level of student engagement. The platform not only introduces them to the competitive world of entrepreneurship but does so in a manner that's both captivating and educational. Paired with our 'Proving Ground Sellers Fair', it was a transformative experience for our students. KANU truly knows how to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit."
John Wilson, Professor at Drexel University

Venture Funding Stats

We’ve Directed $7,000 in Venture Funding to Top Hustlers, and That's Just the Beginning!

Contact Us

Ready to take the next step or have questions about hosting a venture competition? Contact our team at or call us at 508-431-7864. We're excited to help you bring the excitement of a venture competition to your marketplace and community! ​

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