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Brand Ambassador Rewards Catalog!

Brand Ambassador Rewards


Friendly Reminder:

This catalog is exclusively for our Brand Ambassadors, featuring a variety of rewards tailored just for you! As you continue to earn points and ascend through the ambassador tiers, more catalogs with exciting and exclusive rewards will become available to you.
person using MacBook Pro
Resume Enhancement
Earn the ability to add KANU Brand Ambassador to your resume and showcase your contribution.
a close up of a cell phone on a table
$25 Voucher
Redeem your points for a $25 voucher valid for DoorDash, Uber, Lyft, Amazon, or KANU.
50 Points
man in black jacket holding black corded computer mouse
Exclusive Webinar
Gain access to an exclusive webinar on "Introduction to Marketplace Dynamics”.
75 Points

More coming soon....

📈 Level Up for More Rewards!
Keep engaging, completing tasks, and earning points to level up to the next tier and unlock access to more valuable and exciting rewards. Each tier brings new opportunities and benefits, so keep up the great work!
🔍 How to Redeem:
Browse through the catalog, find a reward you like, and follow the redemption instructions. It’s that simple! Enjoy the perks of being a KANU Brand Ambassador.
🎁 Happy Redeeming!
We hope you find something you love in this catalog. Remember, more points mean more rewards, so stay active, and keep contributing to our community.

Redemption Instructions:

Browse through the available rewards in the table.
Check your points balance to ensure you have sufficient points for redemption.
Click on the "Redeem Now" link in the table of the reward you wish to redeem.
Follow the instructions provided to complete the redemption process.


Ensure that you have enough points for the reward you are interested in.
Follow the redemption process carefully to avoid any inconvenience.
This table format allows you to have a clear and concise view of each card as a separate entity within a unified structure, making it easy to browse, understand, and redeem rewards.

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