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Wed, Jul 24
Sow Seeds for Later - 15 min
Engage with prospects on social media. Like and comment on other people's posts who follow you. Follow a hashtag on Instagram and comment on a current post to start a conversation or message someone in a comment.
Add 3 New Friends
Wish Happy Birthdays
Get Noticed by Adding Value to People's Lives - 15 min
Stay in a social relationship with your prospects. Make a daily intentional social post. Make your prospects the hero of their own journey. Additionally, make two Reels and one Live per week. Your goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire!
Talk in Stories Sharing Your Day - 15 min
Your stories are where you can show up and stay connected in a relevant and relatable way. Post 3 stories a day that add value (Educate, Entertain, Inspire!). Build trust and credibility with your people. Keep it simple and authentic. Plexus slides only once or twice a week. Talk about it not all made up more often.
Introduce 3 People to Your Plexus Vision - 15 min
Actively search for people searching for you. It is on YOU to find out why they want to check out Plexus. Vary your communication methods. Be sure values match and keep it authentic.
Use Third Party Validation as Social Proof - 15 min
Let Plexus be the expert! All you have to do is promote the next company call, promote the next company event, and promote the next company promotion/incentive.
Duplication - 15 min
A business cannot grow without duplication. Spend time teaching your business builders how to do the things you are doing. Make it your goal to get your people where you are.
Move People to the Next Step in the Relationship (Micro Steps) - 60 min
"The fortune is in the follow up.” Always follow up with Micro Commitments. Reconnect and rewarm with exceptional customer care. Meet people where they are at (Fence Sitters, Retail Customers, and VIPs)
Check Virtual Office
Credit card declines, points, perks, etc.
Check Notifications
Watch Training Videos
Personal Development
Team Chat
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