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Welcome to Kaileen's Plexus Template!

Start here for all the basic information you need!
First of all, welcome! I sincerely hope this will be helpful for you!
Second, if you have a LARGE team or a LARGE list of potentials, you will need to upgrade your account to use this document!
Third, this document has been a labor of love and I recognize that it’s not perfect! But I hope it works well enough for you.
And lastly, this is basically an interconnected spreadsheet on steroids. If you have a basic understanding of that, you’ll understand how this all works well enough.

Things to know:

Calendar views currently only work on the web browser. (It’s a bummer) So I’ve added a mobile “cards” view that should help.
I’ve used sample data for you to see how it works. If you delete that somethings may look funny. I recommend editing it instead.

The basics:

Add your potentials here:
Add your team here:
Just about everything else runs off these two tables.
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