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Pangea Pro

What is Pangea.app?

is the largest college freelance network.

Who Freelances on ?

College students and recent grads from over 900 different campuses in the US and Canada.

What is a Pangea Pro Freelancer?

A Pangea Pro is an experienced and vetted entry level freelancer. Pangea Freelancers become Pros by getting selected through an application & vetting process.
Freelancers are limited to becoming Pro in no more than 3 categories, from the following work specialties: Engineering, Product Design, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Market Research, Data Analysis
Rolling application process, introduce new class of Pangea Pros every month. Announce first class in May ‘22.

Main value prop of Pro to Freelancers on Pangea

Pro profiles will be ranked higher on the freelancer feed
Pro applications will always be at the top of a clients application list
Instant access to the lowest freelancer marketplace fees (5% fee per invoice)
Increased odds of getting a job

Main value prop of Pro to Clients Hiring on Pangea

Access to the top entry level freelance talent in the country
Access to vetted talent
Quality talent surfaced / Pro profiles make it easier to find and source the top talent

Pangea Pro Pricing

This will be a model so,
If a freelancer is accepted to be Pro they will automatically level up to the reduced transaction fee of 5% on every invoice (we will still have diamond at 5% as nothing in the previous level up system will be changing accept for the addition of another level up, Pro that will be at 5%)
Clients will still pay a 5% processing fee regardless of if they work with a Pro or regular freelancer (no changes to pricing on client end)
All clients will have access to pro talent (Unleash subscription plan is not affected/likely to be removed anyway)

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