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This is what you came to Pangea to do, right? It’s time to graduate from posting a job to finding your first Pangean. We’ve made it easy to send offers, negotiate with freelancers, and create mutually-beneficial contracts that push your business forward.
Sending an Offer
Found the perfect Pangean? It’s time to send them an offer and bring them onboard.
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Responding to Rejected Offers
Not every offer is accepted at first. But don’t panic, it’s time to negotiate.
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When a Pangean signs a contract, your trade secrets are protected by our boilerplate NDA.
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Congrats on the new hire! Now it’s time to get them acquainted with your company.
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Setting Expectations
Before you assign the deliverable, set expectations with your Pangean. Trust us, it’ll save you a lot of time in the long run.
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