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How to Use This Template

Thanks for checking out my marathon training plan!

👋 Welcome

Thanks for checking out my marathon training plan. I am a novice runner based out of Columbus, Ohio and I participate in all types of distances formats including the half-marathon, full-marathon, and the 70.3 half triathlon! This template is intended to be used for a half or a full marathon training plan, but you could also just use it to plan and track your runs!

❓ Why I made this template

So many training plans online are simple PDFs or word documents and it always felt like something was lacking! They weren’t interactive and didn’t provide visualizations of my data - so I built something better.

🏃 How to use this doc

Head to and enter some info about your race like your race date, training start date, race location, etc.
All of this info will help fill out the training plan on - which will then feed many of the other pages of this doc.
Some of the workouts are currently marked as complete for demonstration purposes, to un-do this and mark all as un-complete click the Green Button on the top of .
Checkout , , and for some different views of your training data.
As you complete workouts you can mark them complete by clicking on the “Complete Workout” button, and you can add your average pace in the table as well. You can do this from any view, but is recommended.
Add images or gifs that you find inspiring to the table and these will automatically be randomized daily on the page.

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