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The Exam Test-Engine

The Examination Preparation Test Engine contains all the past questions and answers from [JAMB - 1978 - 2019]
[WAEC - 1958 - 2019]
Using our automated, agnostic examination system prepares you to be ready for your exams within 20 days while saving you from the traditional and archaic study tactics of using hard copy past questions.
The E.T.E uses an algorithm to randomly shuffle subjects and Exams including [ JAMB WAEC NECO SAT TOEFL IELTS ] This pedagogic model prepares students laterally for multiple subjects and exams synchronously.
Get 1000 questions after every Login and over 450,000 question objects Online. To access the test engine, the candidate only needs 5MB.
To get answers to all questions, a student MUST be enrolled on any of our subscription offers. To learn more about our pricing and plans, visit:
The Classroom portal gives you unique Key Resources/Pointers for quick references and academic materials in the form of videos, and selected textbooks that bring clarity to understanding complex concepts mapped in compliance to the Federal Ministry of Education Syllabus in accordance to IBASS for Jamb and NERDC for WAEC. This saves students spending on textbooks.

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