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Create 30 In 30

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Create 30 In 30: Music Momentum

There are two types of music producers in the world today.

The first are traditional producers. These are people who still believe in the days of big studios, record labels, and physical album sales.
To become a music producer, they believe, you must invest in expensive equipment, have connections in the industry, and wait for opportunities to come to you.
Better yet, you must focus solely on producing music, isolate yourself from the online world, and dedicate all your time and energy to crafting the perfect track.
And if you struggle and suffer along the way, even better. You have paid your dues and earned the title of a true "producer."

We think that's a myth.

The second are Online Producers.
These are people who, in the age of the internet, have realized the opportunities that digital platforms offer to talented music producers.
Online Producers don't shy away from the online world – they embrace it. They incorporate their music production into their daily lives and use online platforms to showcase their work.
Online Producers don't work in isolation – they collaborate with other producers, artists, and musicians through online communities and social media.
Online Producers don't guess what their audience wants to hear – they gather data, learn what works in real-time, and iterate on a regular basis.
We believe there has never been a better time in human history to be a music producer...
As long as you're an Online Producer.

This is the Ultimate Guide to START Producing Music Online:

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