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My name is Justin Tse, I am a 25 year-old technology, lifestyle, and home content creator that aims to review the latest in consumer tech, talk about my passion for entrepreneurship and real estate while designing interior spaces and desk setups. I also travel often and enjoy showcasing travel destinations in a cinematic form.
As I’ve scaled my team and my business we’ve rapidly scaled the amount of content that we’ve created. To handle the increase in workload and team size, we’ve also had to scale our processes as well. This doc will give you a glimpse inside how we combined managing projects, ideating new ideas, and more all into a single Coda doc so we could continue to move fast as a Formula 1 team.

Problems this doc solves

❗ Problem 1: Maintaining a high output of ideas for content
We’ve been making videos for a while now, and have published over 1100 videos on my Youtube channel. It is a challenge to continue to innovate and create fresh content that our viewers will keep coming back for. In the past it was difficult for all the members of the team to know where we kept our backlog of video ideas and what ideas we’ve already created. This doc has made it easy for the team to know where to contribute their ideas as well as check out which ideas we’ve completed, and how they turned out. This unblocks the team from being their most creative, and being able to contribute to their full potential.
❗ Problem 2: The need for all our work to be in one place
In the past we used many tools to manage our team’s workflow. We use documents to take notes, spreadsheets to track ideas, task tracking tools to track to-dos, and more. This resulted in the team constantly switching between tools and made it difficult to see the full picture.
Our Coda doc brings many of this processes into a single place. From this doc we can manage our projects, take meeting notes, track tasks, and view dashboard visualizations of progress. This helps reduce the stress of switching between tools, and

How to use this doc for yourself

For starters, to make a version of this doc that is all yours click ➡️
Copy this doc
The main table running this doc is the on the page.
The card view on , the charts on , and the are all views of this main table. If you want to clear out the ideas that my team has added, you can do it from the page.
Now that you have a blank slate you can head over to and begin to brain storm some ideas.
To change the categories that you are seeing on the your new ideas you can head over to the page to edit the phases and project types.
4. Have fun with it! Feel free to edit this doc and make it your own.
5. Head on over to the to find other awesome templates of things you can build in Coda.

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