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Ward Council COVID-19 Ministering Coordination Template

A doc to coordinate your ward council's COVID-19 ministering efforts.
This doc is meant to be copied, customized, and shared with members of your ward council to coordinate your ministering efforts 👇
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Ministering during COVID-19

As worship services of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are worldwide because of the COVID-19 virus, individual wards and congregations are having to quickly adapt to meet local needs. As the fear and uncertainty of this virus has increased, so has the love and support from the members of the Church and the community. It's been pretty amazing to see, and I'm sure you're experiencing similar things in your own ward or branch. Here's a message about hope during the outbreak from President Nelson:
Like me, I'm sure you've experienced first hand the changes in the we worship. My home ward in San Francisco, for example, is holding virtual sacrament meetings each week (the quality is almost as good as General Conference 😄). And our ministering assignments are more real and important than ever. People are counting on us to help them through these tough times.

How to use this doc

Managing ministering assignments can be tricky, especially with the restrictions put into place because of the coronavirus. It's harder than ever to meet in person. Online tools can help with this, and I've found that church assignments are often tracked in spreadsheets or Google docs. But often one Google doc turns into a dozen, and in my experience it becomes hard to keep things up-to-date.
Instead, this Coda doc keeps everything in one easy spot. It's also flexible, and meant to be adapted. Copy it on your desktop, add to it, and change it to meet the needs of your ward members. Share it with your ward council so you can all collaborate while
The doc is organized into a few different sections:
- track ministering assignments to help members of the ward and community.
- take notes and record action items during ward council meetings.
- a place for important links and resources for ward council members.

Feedback welcome

What is your ward council doing to minister to your neighbors? How can I improve this template? Drop me a line and let me know - I'd love to hear from you.

Ready to get started?

Note: this doc is not an official resource of the , nor does it reflect the opinion of Church leaders. It's a tool built by a member of the Church that (hopefully) helps coordinate care in local communities and congregations.

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