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What questions should be asked here?
This is looking specifically at our sign-up form design.
Have you ever filled out a similar form? For whom?
How consistent do you think these specifications are? Is your capacity consistent/likely to change? How often?
Would you be willing to upload relevant tax documents to be auto signed upon confirmation of delivered rejected load?
Do you have full time workers who would be able to accept rejected loads on your behalf?
What piece of information is the most critical that would help you inform if you could accept a load?
What other specifications would you want to give Farmlink?
What channel is best for you to receive updates about this type of information?
Under which circumstances would you NOT accept produce?
How important is delivery time? Is there any flexibility in this window?
Between this step and when the food is actually delivered, can you think of anything/any occurrence that would make you not able to intake the food? what?
Who at [food bank] do you imagine would be receiving updates, accepting the load, etc?
What types of feedback would you want to communicate to Farmlink at this point?
Is there value we could deliver in this system in ways we haven’t talked about?
What elements of this feel the weakest? How could we improve this?
What is the riskiest assumption we are making through this design?

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