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Mini E-Commerce ERP

A mini ERP for your e-commerce business, including shipping, receiving, inventory, and picking performance. Works great in tandem with Shopify, ShippingEasy, and other e-commerce tools.
The intent of this document is to provide the data necessary to make better decisions for warehouse teams.


“What gets measured get managed”
- Peter Drucker
The Mini E-Commerce ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) doc was created to keep track of the operational performance of our e-commerce startup. We found that other tools for tracking inventory and operations were expensive and hard to customize. Coda gives us the freedom to build a powerful tool that is also flexible to fit our business.
This doc can be used by any company that has a fulfillment center and ships products to its customers. This doc also works great in tandem with Shopify, ShippingEasy, and other e-commerce tools.
The doc is split into 4 parts:
Shipping data
Receiving data
Inventory data
Picking data

Each of those four parts has tables where you can input data, as well as an associated dashboard. By tracking the operational performance data, we’ve been able to identify areas for improvement, better allocate resources, motivate warehouse team members and spot trends.

Shipping Data

Every day, export your data from your warehouse software and input into . Then, click the "save as values" button in , which copies the data from into .
Visualize this data in and .

Note: Our team uses , which is a plugin. We export the data into on a daily basis. But you can also use this doc with any other shipping software.

Receiving Data

When a shipment is received into the warehouse, record it in .
Track deliveries over time in .
Visualize how your vendors and receiving team are performing over time at .

Inventory Data

Every day, record beginning and ending inventory balances in and .
Visualize inventory balances over time in .

Picking Data

Record how each member of the picking team performs each day in .
Visualize team performance over time in .

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