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Meeting notes and shared to dos
As an individual that works with Clients all day, it is incredibly important to make sure they know what is expected from them and they get it to you in a timely manner. Your work and responsibilities may be dependent on data, images, introduction to resources, and especially payments from your client.
Let's talk through some examples of scenarios:
Require Client to sign-off on Proposal (including Renewals)
Data required from client for modeling and analysis
Require access to a Client's Social Accounts or Internal Systems
Require payment to proceed to next milestone

For each of those examples, a client-facing manager may have to wait to accomplish their tasks because they don't have the requirements to move forward.

Problem: You are a fraction of your Clients' Day

You are dependent on the client to move forward successfully with your Projects. That being said, you may be only a fraction of your Clients day. If you're working with a restaurant manager as a social media manager, they will spending far more time focusing on delivering the food to their customers instead of sending pictures of the food for Facebook or Instagram.

Solution: Collaborate and Conquer through Next Steps

Our recommendations are to collaborate and conquer. We can call this managing next steps. It is really important to know what are the next steps. This doesn't have to be just after a meeting, but helping your client answer the question "what do I have to do next to keep this project moving forward."
Our solution we want to share is to create a shared, interactive space to collaborate with clients. Clients can click a single link and understand what is required from them. They can also update you and your team with their deliverables.
Personally, I send over what I call "Recipes of Success". I detail out each ingredient and list out, step-by-step, what I need from a client. You can imagine that clients are far more likely to complete a task if they know exactly what they need to do, when, and how to do it.
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