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Blood Pressure Log

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Blood Pressure Log

This simple Coda doc is designed to help you easily log and track your blood pressure readings. It built primarily with mobile usage in mind.
Below is some info on each section.

section is the main page you interact with, use the 'Add A Reading' button to add a new record. By default, records are shown latest first.
Each measurement is colour coded to indicate where the reading falls, either low, good, moderately high, or high.
At the top of the Log page, you'll see you can chose whether you want to filter your readings.
The default is 'All Time', but you can also choose to show values for today, mornings, afternoons, or the previous week.
The average displayed on the log page is what is used to provide basic feedback on your blood pressure. This average changes depending on this filter criteria you chose, so you can easily see your average over all time, just the mornings, or just the previous week etc.

This section shows the graph that was used to map the regions of low, good, moderately high and high.
A link to the source is provided.
As noted on this section, the regions and feedback are guidelines only and you should consult your doctor for real advice.
The chart section provides a line graph of your readings over all-time, allowing you to see visual patterns of your readings.
This section contains data for the doc. The 'Log Data' table is the master table, with the log and chart being views of it.
Because Coda doesn't factor in your timezone by default, there is also a variable here for you to set the hour offset from PST for your timezone, so your recorded timestamps are correct.

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