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Agile Planning Poker


An Agile Planning Poker tool in Coda!
👋 Hi, this is a Planning Poker tool for agile estimation.
I have used the Scrum Framework for defining the different roles:
Scrum Master
Setups a new planning session or selects an existing session.
Screen Recording 2020-05-02 at PM.gif
Chooses what type of estimation the Development Team will use (T-Shirt, Fibonacci or Modified Fibonacci)
Screen Recording 2020-05-02 at PM.gif
Setups the mode to reveal cards
Auto: Scrum Master defines the number of members of the Development Team that will estimate in the session. Once all the members make their estimation automatically all the estimations are revealed
Manual: Scrum Master shows / hides the team estimations on demand by clicking a button.
Screen Recording 2020-05-02 at PM.gif

Product Owner
Establishes the different Product Backlog Items (PBIs) that the Development Team will need to estimate during the active session (i.e for the current Sprint).
Screen Recording 2020-05-02 at PM.gif

Development Team
Each member of the Development Team estimates each of the PBIs defined by the Product Owner. Once all the cards are revealed (auto or manual defined by the Scrum Master) the Development Team will be able to view all the estimations to reach consensus. Members with a huge difference in their estimations are invited to defend their estimation. Afterwards they can click on the "Re-estimate" button to reset the team estimation and estimate again.
In auto reveal mode:
Screen Recording 2020-05-03 at AM.gif

In manual reveal mode:
Screen Recording 2020-05-02 at PM.gif

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