Cue to Cue

General To-Do:
Deadline for workshop RSVPs to give you time to send attendees details.
Automate^ create an auto email in Eventbrite that goes out to accepted attendees.
Buy a clicker
Note: Invite all workshop faciliators to come atleast 1 hour before their workshop. To-do: Have someone execute Streamyard on their laptops. Also making sure they have connections for their laptop to the displays.

Hire someone for Streaming
Hire Chakira’s security
Monday & Tuesday
Technical Walk Through with StreamYard
Send attendees logistics for Friday.
Send sponsor logo.
Buy supplies for ??? (Supply Run)
Create opening ceremony presentation

Wednesday at 12pm
Send the waiver.
Place order for snacks. (Snack Run)
Buy Trifolds (Supply Run)
Buy Giant Post (Supply Run)
Buy Velcro ALL THE VELCROs (Supply Run)
Review “Code of Conduct” and Hacker Experience guide:
Create a policy for escalation for hackers. (Help Desk & Form)

Thursday at 12pm
Team (JS + DG + JO) arrives on site.
Furniture in rooms setup by MDC (Floorplan)
Lounge Furniture Delivered
Lighting and AV to be delivered.
Electrical supplies.
Bring all branded supplies.
Add posters to the A-Frames
Opening Ceremony Rehearsal
Order Pizzas
Coffee Arrives at 1 PM
Sponsors Arrive Set-up

Jose arrives at 6AM
Team arrives at 8AM
Team does a final walkthrough and sync.
Opening Ceremony Rehearsal
Review staff rule, expectations, escalation.
Review roles and person responsible
Check-In process
What to do in an emergency. (CALL 911 NOT JOSE)
Setup Begins at 9AM
DJ Booth
Registration Table
Sponsor Tables
Snack Bars (Hacker)
11:00 AM Sergio’s Catering Delivery to arrive
11:30 Registration Person in Position
1:00 PM Opening Ceremony Starts
1:30 PM Pizza Arrives
2:00 PM Walk Hackers to Hacker Space for Team Formation & Rules
2:00 PM Set-up Workshop Snack bar is Coworking Space
2:00 PM Lunch Set-up Begins
2:30 PM Hacker Lunch (Pizza)
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Dinnertime Cleanup
8:00 PM Team Formation Pt 2
9:00 PM Dim Lights
10:00 PM Team Sync & Walkthru of Next Day
11:00 PM Snack Replenish


5:30 AM Breakfast Team Arrival
6:00 AM Breakfast Arrival
7:00 AM Hacker Breakfast Open
8:00 AM Rest of Team Arrival
12:00 PM Snack Bar replenish
11:00 AM Lunch Arrival
12:30 PM Hacker Lunch
12:35 PM Play City Furniture video in HackerSpace
1:30 PM Space Walk-thru / Clean-up
5:00 PM DevPost Demo in Hackerspace
5:00 PM Dinner Arrival
5:00 PM Snack Bar Replenish
6:00 PM Hacker Dinner
6:00 PM Salsa Night Setup
Laser Set-up
A/V Set-up
Move Tables
Close Coworking Space
6:00 PM DJ Arrives
6:30 PM Salsa Dancers Arrive
7:00 PM Salsa Night Begins
9:30 PM Conf 2106 Clean-up
10:00 PM Project Deadline Announcement & Countdown Begin
10:30 PM Deadline Extension Announcement
10:45 PM Lights Dim
10:45 PM Walk-Thru of Sunday & Closing Ceremony


6:00 AM Team Arrival
6:00 AM Breakfast Arrival
7:00 AM Breakfast Serverd
8:00 AM Numbers placed on Tables
9:00 AM Pitching Workshop
8:00 AM Judges Arrival (Prelim & Final)
8:00 AM Closing Ceremony Setup
Food Tables
9:00 AM Prelim Judges Breifing
10:00 AM Expo Set-up
Hors D’eouvers Table
Judging - Preliminary Begins
10:30 AM Final Judging Briefing
11:00 AM Closing Ceremony Begins
Welcome Message (keynote)
Bounty Winners
Pitches (General)
CityCoin Pitches
Final Announcement
Thank You Message
12:30 PM Clean-Up & Breakdown

Lunch arrives at..

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