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Resume Doc Template - Coda DOCtorate Application

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Dear all,

I’m , I'm from a small region in northwest Spain called Galicia. I'm 26 and when I was 23 years old I move to the Netherlands to work at , first on an internship program and later as Operation Supervisor and Accountant. On Seablinc we trade with commodities mainly with the Caribbean but also with Canada. Additionally, I have a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a master's in International Trade.

In my free time, I'm a football referee so most of the Sundays I'm out for ⚽, before the pandemic, I like to travel around on weekends going to the nearest countries like Germany, Belgium, Finland, etc

When I enter Seablinc in 2018 one of the first tasks was to create a CRM system to track all the purchases/sales, the company didn't have any system for it and limited cash to invest so as from that moment we search for an open system to create and design according to our priorities, somewhere in August/September 2018 we found Coda. In the beginning, was a bit difficult to learn because we didn't have the learning page we have now but the similitudes with Excel make everything easier. We started, as said, designing a CRM system for the sales and purchases that later we connect via your API with our Excel Database and the result was fantastic and very clean to show to the managers, everyone loved it. After that when we see the possibilities of the program we purchase 1 Doc Maker license and I dedicate more time to develop pages for all the group companies. Right now we manage in Coda all the financials for all the companies with nice boards, also we track all the commodities operations with nice Gantt Graphs; the page we are most proud of is our warehouse system where using QR codes we register all the pallets we collect in our small warehouse and control all the status, it has definitely been a success.

I'm here to continue learning, trying to reduce the amount of work on my company automating everything to the maximum; I/we feel this is the future. Having the opportunity to do this Doctorate in Coda I'm also searching for other ideas to continue developing our system.

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