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Crooks & Castles

Crooks NFT Project

Notes Document — WIP
Key Project Areas
An NFT Roadmap is a document that maps out the goals and strategies of an NFT project you are currently looking into, in order to communicate its long-term value. NFT roadmaps usually include key project milestones, short and long-term goals, and plans for marketing and growth. It is the same as with regular businesses. It needs a clear vision and mission.
Example Roadmap
Q1 2022 - Q1 2023
Define Project
NFT Build 1
NFT Drop 1
NFT Build 2
NFT Drop 2
NFT Build 3
NFT Airdrop 3
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
Q1 2023
Define Project
NFT Build 1
NFT Drop 1
NFT Build 2
NFT Drop 2
NFT Build 3
NFT Airdrop 3
Steven — Founder
Jony — Digital & Operations
Jarred — Strategy & Partnerships
Chris — Design & Community
Josh — World & Utility
Social Presence
This is obviously a no-brainer, but still something we need to pay attention to. A project without visibility will have issues finding owners which means that social media presence is of the utmost importance — not just the number of followers that back the project, but also the tone of voice and activity. We need to grow the. Look for continuous engagement and activities from the founders and followers.
A lot of the NFT market place is really community-driven. A good NFT project will have a healthy community following them. The ones with the most engagement are usually the projects which will be the most successful. NFTs are more than just owning a piece of art, they are being part of a community, where a culture has been created, and culture creates a following. A project with a great community will speak with passion about the project. This should be seen as a good indicator that the project has a good potential for succeeding.
Immediate Needs
We need to secure funding from investors to handle a few immediate operational needs, from creating a “presence” in the NFT world (i.e. purchasing some Blue Chip NFTs, land in projects such as Sandbox), building our Twitter presence, naming + branding of the entire project, finalizing the concept and building a proper roadmap, partnering with a web3 company and digital studio on renderings and blockchain/NFT processes.
Blue Chip NFT Projects
Bored Ape Yacht Club
Mutant Ape Yacht Club
Cool Cats
CyberKongz Genesis
Chromie Squiggle
Projects to watch:
Execution Plan
Define the Project
Develop team-building plan
Build Project roadmap
Begin community introduction (buy into projects, twittertalk)

From Greg:
Artists (conceptualize/render art/art style)
Community management
Engineer team
Smart contracts
Product Manager
Concept + Utility
STEPS from Jarred Call
TEAM: Set up an advisory of team (people who understand the NFT space)
Engineering (wallet-enabled site, smart contracts for NFTs)
Community (24/7 social + discord)
Artistry (3d, digital)
World + Utility (NFT experience)
Marketing (influencers/celebrities)
INVESTMENT: hardware wallet, buy into projects
PROJECT: define the design
Just MEDUSA head
or full CHARACTER with clothing
External Partners
Greg Isenberg - late.checkout
Cordell - Snoop
today we are a thriving brand, the future is community - what is the path forward
20,000 NFTs
snoop/death row BODR exclusive content
split drops of marks hyping to medusa at the end of the year
storytelling/lore of each mark
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