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Job Search - LAMP Method

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Job Search - LAMP Method

Targeted Job Search

Whether you are looking for your next career step or you have unfortunately been let go from your current position, the job search can be a daunting task.
According to “”, by Steve Dalton, online job postings have changed the way you search and apply for jobs. These days it is extremely easy to apply for jobs through job sites or directly through a companies career page. You are often applying with hundreds of other applicants and your application can be lost into the abyss. Hiring managers are more and more relying on referrals to avoid having to wade through hundreds applicants to compile their short list. Using the LAMP method you are leveraging your network to increase your chances on landing that job at your dream company.
Create you target list using the LAMP method-
Step 1: LIST
List up 40+ employers, regardless of location, and size
Activity should take no longer than 40 minutes
Start by listing your DREAM employers & their competitors

Step 2: ALUMNI
Research employers and determine if you know anyone that works at your dream employers. List Yes or No

Rank 1-5 (5=most desired)

Using Indeed or LinkedIn, rate 1-3 (1=no posting, 2=posting but not relevant, 3=posting and relevant)

Step 5: SORT & RANK
Sort by 1)Motivation 2)Posting 3)Alumni
A rank is assigned for the best target companies to start reaching out to first

Leveraging the RANK in the previous step, the target companies have been grouped together so you can start putting together your outreach

Keep the list updated as you make new connections, discover new companies and your motivation changes.
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