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WoP notes

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WoP notes

Serendipity vehicle

its about the body of work
my voice will emerge
my strategy will emerge
it will be slow so most people won't do it. This is the edge
narrow niche topic, better for early distribution
what's unique or undervalued?
find a small community to be part of to share my work
jump on the back of people with pre-existing audiences, get them to share your stuff
building an audience takes years but compounds. The opportunities are exponential
summarise other people's ideas
what am I already doing that I can share?

Distribution vehicle

need a scalable system
email is the best
opportunities come to you
good feedback loop
make it easy for yourself and casual for others
core subs are people I already have relationships with—family, friends, colleagues
keep it consistent
what looks fun to do? It should be fun to create to keep it consistent
what do I like in NLs and copy that
ladder: look out for surprising reactions from people in conversation, test ideas with tweets, further test with email (good for 2-way, iterative, feedback loop), then write a post about it, then book/course etc
crowdsource ideas and feedback from others to create posts that land (wisdom of crowds)

Pop writing

personal: personal story, experience, something readers can understand
observational: reveal new insights, I never saw that before, now I can't stop seeing it
playful: bring out the kid, dialogue, stories, characters, analogies, jokes, sports, movies, TV
make it memorable,
makes it worthwhile, sharable, talk about it, actual change
and they'll come back

Personal monopoly

layer on skills until you are the only person who do what you do
define and own terms 'inbound marketing' Hubspot. The value accrues to them
unusual combination of skills. Left brain, right brain.
but make them complementary skills, greater than the sum of their parts
layer on a third experiential skill
these skills to be specific and unique
specific so it's very clear what I do
find a small but growing market
don't try to strategise for too long
figure it out by starting and sniff it out as you go
people want to follow people

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