Video Producer Projects & Meeting Notes Template
Video Producer Projects & Meeting Notes Template

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Struggling to organize meeting notes for work
“I feel all the note apps like Notion are for either students, teams or journaling.

Really struggling to find an ideal system for working professionals who have several meetings a week and juggle multiple projects and brainstorm new ones. Been trying to get started in Notion but struggling to figure out an ideal system for me.

I'm a video producer who develops series for my company from start to finish. Always have to be coming up with new ideas and usually juggling 1-2 series in production. I meet every week with 4-5 different people. Some meetings are with one other person, some have more or all of us. Sometimes we talk about more than 1 project I am working on.

I need help making a system that can quickly capture meeting notes. But my meeting notes aren't usually anything that crazy, just a few notes for 1-2 projects, some helpful general advice/inspiration and next steps.

How do I organize so that I can see the notes that have been made towards each project. If I organize my notes based on the person I am meeting with, it's not ideal because if i have a meeting with a different person the next day but make more progress on the same project, the notes are now in two different places. But I feel that I can't organize the meetings note by project if we talk about more than 1 project or if the meeting just has some general notes that don't pertain to the project.

Sorry if this is a bit hard to understand, happy to clear any questions you might have. Any help is greatly appreciated!

PS. I've been using the macOS Notes app but it has turn into a black hole with all the quick notes I am constantly creating”

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