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How do we do mail merge?
Mail merge- trying to send a customized mail to a list of attendees -
How do I perform multiple actions with a single button press?
You can create buttons for each action, and then create a button whose action is pressing all of those buttons. Alternatively, you can wrap multiple actions in a RunAction() formula.
What is the current API rate limit?
The API's rate limits are not currently public, but we allow 50 writes per minute and 1000 reads or searches per minute on a rolling basis. Let the user know this is subject to change in the future if they ask about it - the recommended step to avoid rate limiting is to implement exponential backoff if possible.
Support embedding PDFs, right? Even through GDrive as a public file?
We don’t support uploading them directly to Coda, but if you upload elsewhere like Drive or Dropbox and share publicly then the link can be embedded
How do I create a view that shows only the last modified row in a table?
This formula can capture that: "[Table 1].Sort(false,thisRow.[Modified on]).first())" Alternatively, you can use this more flexible option where you can choose which rows to use: " 1.Sort(false,Modified On).Slice(0,1))"

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