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Girls4Tech - Design Jam & Hackathon Workbook

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Event Schedule

The entire schedule is outlined here so that the hackathon host can talk through the upcoming days.
There’s a folder for each day of the event (called Day 1, Day 2, Day 3) to organize the activities of that given day. (Each day is actually a view of one big scheduling tableー which is necessary in the planning stage as you shuffle around the activities).
Start Time
Day 1
​4:00 PM
Arrival and 🍹Happy Hour + Late night burritos
​7:00 PM
Team formations and begin discussing the problem
Day 2
​9:00 AM
Quick 🍞 breakfast and fireside chat
​9:40 AM
Break into teams and start the design process - and .
​11:00 AM
Review Define and Ideate phasses with Mentors
​12:00 PM
​1:00 PM
Coda Building Block Training
​2:00 PM
Start !
​8:00 PM
Review with mentors and
with others and begin working on the presentation.
Day 3
​11:00 AM
First rounds of Pitches
​1:00 PM
Finalist present to the judges

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