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Girls4Tech - Design Jam & Hackathon Workbook
Day 2

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Version 1 of your solution
Coda has the building blocks to make mini-apps! The teams that build the best solutions often come from a variety of backgrounds ー without needing to know how to code, teams can build solutions. Previously, most hackathon teams that produced working apps were heavily loaded with developers. With low / no-code tools, designers, strategist, service staff, and even developers can make solutions. Moreover, those who may one day hold these multi-disciplinary roles in the world ー like students who joined Girls4Tech ー can build using Coda. The Prototype Building Blocks folder has examples of these pieces and participants can take from them to start…or build from scratch using Buttons, Tables, Automations, Packs, and a variety of other familiar building blocks from the quick add (+).
A prototype can be anything that takes a physical form. Prototype are the most useful and influential when people can interact with them and experience things using them. Your prototype should contain all of the aspects of design thinking listed above.
In the 📁Prototype Building Blocks Folder, you'll find some things that you can use to get started in building an app in Coda such as:

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