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Background and prep for running an awesome Coda workshop with your team
Often, taking the next step of utilizing the involves carving out the time for exploration. Ok, so we're all so busy; the great part about being part of the Team plan is that you get to work with a Coda expert (
@John Scrugham
) where we have a session to focus on getting value out of your investment in the tool and exploring how your team can better collaborate in their docs and workspace.
The workshop is an interactive, focused, and fun exploration of how the best teams are using the Coda Team plan. During our hour-long workshop, we'll focus on the areas that are most important to you and your team.

Background Info


[What does your organization do?]

Folks joining

You can bring in a wide audience or just your immediate team. Just Doc Makers or everyone who will ever use Coda. It's up to you. Either way, please let me know who is joining below...
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[What do you hope to come away from the session with? ]

Use cases

We'll spend the first bit of the session focusing on what Coda can do within your company. I'll share how anyone can use simple building blocks to start making the first version of what you all are already using Coda for, and then we can scope out what can also be done for your next use case. Please fill out the following...
Using Coda for
Tools replacing
URL (if you want to)
Phase of adoption
What are you using Coda for?
Elaborate a bit on how you do it
What are you moving from or also considering?
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Workshop flow

We’ll start with an overview of the Building Blocks and then dive into topics that you want to cover.

Building Blocks

Open Topics

I've outlined some common topics below, but please add topics that you are interested in / the team wants to learn more about. Upvote what you want to focus on before the workshop.

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Feature area / question
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Who's also interested
Example question or area that you’d like to cover.
John Scrugham
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