Team Plan

Explore what it looks like when an entire team is collaborating and using all the Team features in Coda
Often, taking the next step of utilizing the Team plan involves carving out the time for exploration. Ok, so we're all so busy; the great part about being part of the Team plan is that you get to work with a Coda expert (that's me 👋) where we have a session (
) to focus on getting value out of your investment in the tool and exploring how your team can better collaborate in their docs and workspace.

What's in the Team plan?

This is what you'll find in your version of Coda and what we can cover during the

extension, packs.png

are like integrations. You can connect your docs to apps like
, and
on the Team plan, but if your team isn't using Packs yet, folks tend to like to focus on the more universal collaborative business apps like Google
, or


Tables can talk to each other
—even push each other's buttons.

Common things we're seeing teams building is sharing out OKRs and connecting them to roadmaps, syncing staff info across multiple project docs, and dropping in client details.


Put small, important tasks on autopilot with unlimited
. If you've used other automation tools like Zapier or IFTTT, then the format will feel similar: When
[something happens]
[do something]

Teams like sending alerts when tasks go on hold, send out celebration emails when features launch, update a log table when things change.

Locking and Permissions

Stay in control of the doc you set up with tools to

As makers launch their docs to a wider audience such as end users (like other project managers) or stakeholders (like the Head of Product), they will put Locking in place to ensure nothing changes (too much) and permissions to ensure people are using their tools in the best way possible. You can even hide base tables like All Features or All OKRs so that no one can edit them.


the clock, to infinity and beyond with version history. Beyond just versioning, teams implement best practices for updating and making changes to their docs as it evolves from prototype to V1→ and beyond.


Stay organized with
and folders, and track your team's membership in that space. As a team considers shifting their organization from GDrive to Coda, they'll set up folders and other structures in their workspace to ensure that things are easy to find and that the right people have access to the right docs.

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