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6th Period A scene from a play...

A scene from a play...

Your goal
You are going to pick a play, and read the entire play. Don’t like any of these choices? Come and see Regan and John with your idea.
by Shakespeare
by Shakespeare

If you are in World History you MUST pick from one of these three.
by Sophocles
by Harvey Fierstein

Here are some other versions of “translations” of Shakespeare plays.

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4.4 MB
5.6 MB

You are going to “present” a short scene from the play. Now—READ THIS NEXT PART CAREFULLY:
Everyone MUST have a speaking role. So, the size of the group is dependent on the number of roles available.
View of What play are we choosing?
What play am I choosing?
Who is in my group?
What day will we be done reading the play?
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You are going to complete your play-specific pre-work on the next page while you read your play. You must do this BEFORE you present.

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