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Today you will

1. Finish collecting clues from 6 cities and one new location to explain how sunlight affects different parts of the world

Add the current time of day, daylength and temperature on your whiteboards for each location

Add each location to your map - match colors to your key

2. Use a model to explain your results

Gather a light, styrofoam ball, wooden stick and some blue tape
Place small pieces of tape on the styrofoam to represent a couple key locations (maybe somewhere on the equator, somewhere near the north pole and somewhere near the south pole
Practice one person as the sun (lamp) one person moving the earth around the sun to show how the seasons work
When ready- film a short (about 2 minute) an explanation that shows what patterns you found on your whiteboard and shows your moving model of the earth and the sun and explains what the models shows about how seasons work

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