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Structured Visual Thinking

How To Avoid Solving The Wrong Problems Really Well

A Simple Philosophy:


A Focus On Impact

We bring practical experience over two decades to help business leaders achieve the change they want and develop the opportunities that will stick.

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Two Decades:

We’ve been privileged to work with some incredible people. We’ve learned at every turn.

We make a difference to the way clients think and work. We work with the decision makers to do what’s needed to get things done. It works.

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From Idea To Execution

We work with tools and techniques that are designed for the world as it is now.

We apply visualisation, structure and technologies that help us to analyse the situation, develop strategies and execute plans.

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Strategies Have To Be Executed

Right at the heart of our work lays critical thinking and strategic analysis. This requires the correct information from a wide and valid context.

Decision quality is an art.

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Remote Or Direct

Working face to face and virtually since we started in 2001. We make this work with distributed teams because working virtually has always been the norm for us.

There’s no replacement for being on the ground and in direct activity but a lot can be achieved through new collaboration platforms and tools.

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