Audio Search Coda Pack

Audio Search Coda Pack

Everything you need to know, including usage and details, about the Audio Search pack for Coda
All data is provided by the Spotify API!

🎧 Audio Search Coda Pack

Welcome to the Audio Search Coda Pack! This pack enables you to search for and seamlessly integrate data using the Spotify API into your Coda docs, empowering you to create rich, music-driven documents here in Coda.
Why? Because the Coda-built Spotify pack does not have a search function, and I found myself needing to open Spotify to look items up way too often.

🔍 Search and Discover

With the Audio Search Coda Pack, you can easily search for albums, tracks, artists, playlists, shows, episodes, and audiobooks directly within your Coda docs. Simply use the SearchSpotify formula to find the music you're looking for. You can specify the types of entities to search for and set a limit on the number of results returned.

📊 Detailed Information

Dive deeper into the details of your favorite albums, tracks, artists, playlists, shows, episodes, and audiobooks. Use the GetAlbumDetails, GetTrackDetails, GetArtistDetails, GetPlaylistDetails, GetShowDetails, GetEpisodeDetails, and GetAudiobookDetails formulas to retrieve comprehensive information about specific items. From album release dates and track lengths to artist popularity and genres, you'll have access to a wealth of data to enrich your docs.

🎛️ Powerful Customization

The Audio Search Coda Pack provides a range of utility formulas to customize and format the data according to your needs:
Use the ConvertTrackDuration formula to convert Spotify's millisecond track lengths to a user-friendly format.
Format release dates based on the release date precision using the FormatReleaseDate formula.
Convert key numbers to their corresponding pitch class notation with the FormatKey formula.
Retrieve audio features and analysis of tracks using the GetAudioFeatures and GetAudioAnalysis formulas.

🌟 Seamless Integration

Integrating the Audio Search Coda Pack into your docs is a breeze. With column formats like "Album Details," "Track Details," "Artist Details," "Playlist Details," "Show Details," "Episode Details," and "Audiobook Details," you can easily add Spotify data to your tables. The pack also handles authentication seamlessly, allowing you to access Spotify data securely.

🚀 Get Started

To start using the Audio Search Coda Pack, simply add it to your Coda doc and authenticate with your Spotify account. Explore the example tables and formulas in this doc to see the pack in action. Unleash the music data-powered docs onto the universe!
Have fun, music people! 🎉🎵

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