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College Football Pick 'Em Contest

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College Football Pick 'Em Contest

Out pick your friends each week for season-long bragging rights.
Get your friends, family, co-workers, classmates, and general sports aficionados together for a season long take on the classic college football pick ‘em contest.
Inspired by The Tennesseans most beloved sports columnist Joe Biddle and his , this rendition of the pick ‘em contest earns you bragging rights over your friends all season long.

How to Play

Getting started is easy!
One person selects which matchups the group will pick each week
Each player picks the team he/she thinks will win each matchup, and
The player who picks the most games by the end of the season wins!

Note, feel free to use this template however you’d like. If you want to choose 50 games or 5 games, college or NFL, football or lacrosse, this doc gives you the framework to keep track of


The objective of this game is to pick the most matchups correctly over the course of the season.
Each correct pick is worth 1 point. Each incorrect pick is worth 0 points.
Each contestant can only submit one form each week. The last form to be submitted is the once that is accepted
For example: Contestant A submits their picks on Tuesday. On Friday, they can’t remember if they’ve submitted their picks or not so they send in another set. The Friday pick selection will be the one counted that week



One person - typically, the person reading this doc - acts as the Commissioner.
On a weekly basis, the Commissioner’s duties include:
Adding each matchup to the List of Matchups page
Notifying each contestant that their picks are ready to be submitted
Adding in the winner of each game to the List of Matchups page
Sending out the leaderboard each week

Just because you’re the Commissioner, doesn’t mean you can’t play. See the Contestants section below.
Thanks to Coda’s Gmail Pack, notifying your pool is as easy as clicking a button. See Email Contacts page for more details.


Everyone who submits their weekly picks is considered a contestant.
Each week, the Commissioner will email the contestants the Weekly Pick Submissions page, and the contestants simply fill out who they think will win each game. Just be sure to submit your picks before the games start!
After you have locked in each pick, all that’s left to do is watch the games. Each week, the Commissioner will update and send out the Leaderboard page where you can see how you faired against the rest of the pool.

How to Get Started

Copy this doc
Clear it’s existing data
Add your friends to the Email Contacts table
Drop in this week’s matchups and send out the form
Get pickin’!

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