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Cornell Notes Template

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Hey everyone!
Han and I are a huge fan of Cornell Notes; we’re big advocates for active repetition when it comes to revising for exams. Thus, we made this doc to help anyone — especially anyone who deals with large amounts of information (looking at you, pre-meds!) — compile large amounts of information quickly and keep track of it across different subjects.
How to use it:
Go to and click “add notes” to create a new row in the master list of Cornell notes
Type your super important notes (tip: use a collapsible list in the “Notes” section to maximize the effectiveness of your active recall)
Check your division of notes in
Label your confidence level with the topic.
Check out to see a summary of your work!
If you ever need to add a new notetaking canvas for a new class, copy and paste a new and follow the instructions listed.

Hope this helps y’all!
Joachim and Han

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