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Yucca Valley

Yucca Valley Warehouse

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San bernadino county Property report
California Commercial Disclosure Report
200918-00265_1427014 (1).pdf
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Site Plan Sketch
siteplan sketch.PNG
Whereas each studio denotes a warehouse, and parking to the north of each warehouse.
each warehouse should be 50x60
The warehouse will be built with steel I-beams
and precast concrete walls like the picture below

The roof will be flat, pretty much what these two images show
something like this basically
Extruding from the top of the roof should be a 4foot railing going all around
Floor to ceiling should be 18ft total
the interior would look similar to this

garage door should be 12x12
front entrance recessed
emergency exit in the back
1 long 20ft window like the picture below

note - need site plan with structures, floor plan(walls door roof, windows utilities), electric, hvac, mechanical, structural engineer

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