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Inventory Tracking

How to Use

This is a template for a simple inventory system for ordering monthly supplies
This is a simple document to keep track of the
monthly inventory
requested by a property maintenance staff
ordered by the property manager
. It can be customized by a property manager to track the monthly use of items in an inventory, grouped under different category types, so that the property manager will know how much to order to replenish the inventory each month.

(a) Sub-pages have been created for the
odd and even months
so that the user can use the
[Total of the Inventory and Ordered items]
from the previous month
to calculate the
Amount Used
in the previous month based on the
Inventory level in the current month
(b) The Maintenance staff can then read the amount used in the previous month to make their requests to the manager for this month’s order.
(c) Separate pages can be created for different category of inventories. The example in this document has been created for 3 different categories - Janitorial, Plumbing and Decorating.

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