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Client Folder Procedure

This guide is crafted to take you through a systematic step-by-step process for accessing the client folder and, when required, efficiently sharing it with the client.

NOTE: All members of the B2B Websites organization can access this folder by using their respective Google accounts. Access is necessary if you are not logged into the B2B Websites Account.
Please refer to the following steps for a straightforward explanation of how to utilize and easily share this folder with clients.

Creating Client Folder

Upon creating a project card on Trello, make sure that the “GDrive Folder URL” field is filled up. To get this URL, go to . Right click anywhere on the screen, and click “New Folder”. Rename the folder based on the project/client’s name.
Right click on the folder, and hover to “Share” and “Copy Link”.
Paste the link on the “GDrive Folder URL” field.

Sharing Folder Client

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