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J Friday | Community Wealth Co-Creator

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Get involved with Villej at or find your community to co-create with at

Hoy! I’m Jess.

Or J. Or you can call me Friday

I am a neurodivergent creator and entrepreneur co-creating communities of care and systems of community wealth. At I’m creating a space for other leaders and organisers in the community wealth building space to gather and create a #MakeitCommunity movement to inspire people around the world to start community wealth projects of their own, saving each other and eventually the whole world.
At we are building a community brand and platform cooperative for and by neurodivergent people, a connective marketplace, where both work and revenue are distributed fairly and for the benefit of the community. We are forming partnerships as we cocreate with aligned organisations like , a neurdy entertainment and comic book company to build social safety nets for us. Join us, and let’s create community wealth for everyone so we can all live the lives we dream of! Be good to you and others. And #MakeItCommunity <3 Friday

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