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Employee Onboarding Guide by Jessica Powell
Welcome to the
Tooth & Brush Co.
! We’re excited to have you here.

Our company is all about democratizing access to something people use each day: toothbrushes. We’re a team of toothbrush designers, entrepreneurs, hygienists, and dreamers who are excited about the possibility of putting a better toothbrush in the hands of every child.
I have created a customized onboarding to-do list for you with people you should meet and things to think about as you ease into your new role.
Here is your to-do list:
Get your IT and administrative details sorted: seating, security badge, computer, etc. (Reach out to: Adam Davis)
Get to know the team and what we do. Introduce yourself to folks on the team and the cross-functional folks in our shared area. (Reach out to: Adam Davis)
People you should set up 1:1s with (Reach out to: Lola Tseudonym)
Attend the following meetings in the table below (Reach out to: Adam Davis)
Meet with me daily for the next [time period] (1:1s will be added to your calendar) and we’ll cover different topics in each meeting. (Reach out to: Lola Tseudonym)
Jump in to help on a few of the time-sensitive projects already underway--to discuss in our 1:1 (Reach out to: Lola Tseudonym)
You’ll be hearing from me and your team members soon!
Your manager,
Jana Davis

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