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Introducing the Digital Marketing Canvas

A practical guide to develop a strategy to accelerate business growth


👋Hi, I'm and I help businesses design marketing strategies

For the past 10 years, I've been helping businesses find their ways to growth. I've built (helping energy providers acquire clients on the back of comparison websites) and (helping organisations build better brands on the back of Social Media). I've co-founded a global community called organizing tech events in more than 20 cities in the world and launched a podcast called .

Introducing the Digital Marketing Canvas

I wish I came across this thing much earlier. Like 10 years ago. When I had no idea what I was actually doing in my day-to-day work at a startup. Making from 0 up to €500K a week. Not always easy to get out of the weeds in such fast-paced uncertain environment. The DMC does not guarantee success. But it will put all the chances on your side by squeezing the assumptions you need to make for any marketing decisions.

What the heck is the Digital Marketing Canvas?

The DMC is a practical guide to develop a strategy to accelerate business growth. It's made for anyone in the company to get around the table. Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Developers, Designers, Sales,... It's a tool of co-creation. Brainstorming as a starting point, the digital strategy is the finish line. As you go to through the process you'll learn how marketing fundamentals and online customer lifecycle work together. The DMC provides companies a structured approach to articulate their value proposition with marketing tactics and digital technologies.
Now, I'm happy to introduce you this digital and interactive version of the Digital Marketing Canvas. You can start generate hypothesis and ideas that can lead your organisation through growth and start planning your digital marketing plan from here.

I'd suggest to start sketching your .

If you like the ol' fashion way, here's where you can download the printer-friendly DMC:

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