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A more engaging, easily customizable agenda.

🔥 Warm-up

Start off with an interactive activity to liven up the first 5 minutes of a session with an opening poll, quick game, or brief challenge. Insert polls using Slido, , or by typing /unbiased voting anywhere on a Coda page to ask students to . You can even embed a game from () directly into this page. about why it's good to engage students at the start of every sessions.

🌳 Opener

Embed a link to a video () or Spotify podcast by pasting the link directly on this page so you’ll have access to media that can helps introduce topics, without switching between tabs and tools. Hover over
to see a preview of what it’ll look like as an embed on this page.

🖥️ Presentation

Embed your slides here so you can easily preview and launch videos directly from here. Use , , or for quicker alternatives for creating engaging slide decks. See for more.

🎤 Learning activity

Insert links to , , , or () for ways to engage students in active, collaborative learning. See for more inspiration.

👉🏽 Next steps

Add information about final projects, checklists of things students still need to do, or links to follow-up courses or programs.

🎈 Feedback

Embed a , , or directly on this page for students to share their about our class, so we can continue to improve it.

🖌 Community discussion

Click on ‘Add a comment’ to post a comment, a word of encouragement, or an insight with everyone, or someone specific in your cohort on the page. You can aslo upvote others’ posts. Start by deleting the sample messages below:
Clear sample data
Add a comment
Group comments
Kudos to Brian and Nick for helping to explain the complex issue in the workshop today.
Polly Rose
Props to Ellen for her amazing presentations.
Joel Davis

✨ Useful resources

Add a list of links to helpful resources here as a bulleted list

About this template
The template was created by me, Jeremy Caplan. It’s based on a resource I use for teaching classes and workshops online and in-person. In addition to teaching journalism and entrepreneurship, I also teach workshops on creative efficiency and music appreciation.
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