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Digital Syllabus Example
What is a digital syllabus?

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Topics covered

Some of the ideas and concepts we'll be discussing.

The course focuses on the following key questions:

What’s the new landscape for post-pandemic journalism? We’ll explore how the landscape for journalism is changing as media organizations face challenges in coping with new consumer behaviors, powerful platforms and a shifting marketplace for ads and subscriptions. We’ll also look at the emergence of niche journalism— including newsletters and podcasts as well as niche and local sites.
How can we effectively develop new journalism products and services? We’ll delve into a framework for serving communities by creating new products and services that address news gaps, information vacuums and underserved audiences. We’ll consider the challenges associated with doing so, the advantages of creating new initiatives, and a process for doing so effectively.


We take a hands-on approach to our subject matter. Each session includes a brief warm-up activity, a presentation of new material, remote collaboration and in-class learning activities. Case studies and real-world examples are a core part of our focus. We conclude sessions with questions and answers and a short debrief discussion to synthesize and assess our learnings.

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