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Course overview

What you can expect from this course.
Entrepreneurial Journalism
Explore the evolving journalism ecosystem by diving into the world of entrepreneurial journalism. In this course we’ll collaboratively develop an understanding of new directions for the post-pandemic era of new media. We’ll delve into the forces impacting the development of niche journalism products and services. We’ll focus on the question of why newsletters, microsites, podcasts, events and many other niche sites, services and products are growing. We’ll explore the myriad challenges facing large news organizations. We will also explore emerging opportunities for new technologies & niche news products and services.
By the time the course ends, you’ll have a sense of the new kinds of products and services emerging in the new journalism ecosystem. You’ll also understand how news organizations small and large are approaching growth and community engagement, interactivity and audience development. And you’ll comprehend how new business models for news are impacting the evolving journalism industry.
Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:
Analyze the emerging journalism landscape and identify some of its new products and services
Understand the breadth of approaches news organizations are taking to engage audiences and build community
Explore new business models for news & multifaceted sustainability strategies adopted by news orgs aiming for journalism entrepreneurship

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