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Onboarding Email Sequence


All new subscribers will be sent with this sequence 2 days after signup

Email 1: Sent 2 days after signup

Subject: Welcome to Where Change Begins 🌟

A Warm Welcome to Your New Chapter 💜

Hello {{ subscriber.first_name }},
I'm wrapping you in a big virtual hug right now! 🤗 Welcome to our caring corner of the world, where we start saying 'yes' to ourselves a little more each day.
Do you remember the 🎲 board games we played as kids? Setting up the board, excited and a little unsure about the adventure ahead?
That's us right now, at the start of your wellness journey. And just like those games, every move counts, and I'm right here to 📣 cheer you on.
Over the next few days, I'll pop into your 📥 inbox with some lovingly crafted notes to help you ease into this beautiful path you've chosen.
We'll start small, promise. One tiny step at a time, okay 👌?

Your First Tiny Step..

But before all that, take a moment, right now.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Imagine feeling lighter, stronger, and full of zest. We can get there, together.
Keep an eye out for my next email, where we'll chat about dreams and goals – and not the scary kind, I promise!
Just what feels right for you.😌
Until then, stay amazing! Warmly, Kelly P.S. Got questions already? Just hit 'reply' – I'm here for you.

Email 2 of 7: Sent 1 day after Email 1

Subject: A Personal Story, Our Shared Path🌟

The Heart Behind Your Wellness Journey

Hello {{ subscriber.first_name }},
I wanted to take a moment to pull back the curtain and share a bit more about myself. Why? Because trust is the heartbeat of our journey together, and I want you to know who's walking beside you.
Meet Kelly - Physician, Coach, Mom
That's me, Kelly.
A physician for over two decades with a passion that goes beyond prescriptions. I'm a mom to a tribe of seven—my vibrant little universe. They've taught me about love, chaos, and the 🧚🏻‍♀️ magical art of finding lost socks.
Like so many, I've danced the delicate dance of balancing family life with personal goals. And yes, I've felt the weight of self-neglect that often comes with motherhood.
But one day, amidst the cheering at my kids' sports games, I realized I wanted more—more energy, more health, and the confidence to stride through life with a spark.

My approach as a coach? It's rooted in ✨ understanding.
Understanding that we're all unique, with different rhythms and responsibilities.
That's why at Kelly Coaching, you won't find one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, you'll find a partner in health—a healthcare professional turned wellness coach—who gets it.
Who gets you.🫵🏻
Being a physician gave me an eye for detail and a deep respect for science and care. As your coach, I blend that expertise with a loving, realistic approach to sustainable habits.
Together, we'll craft a path that respects your life's tapestry, weaving in wellness in a way that feels authentic and doable.
Because in the end, it's not just about losing pounds; it's about gaining life.
Let's Connect! 💬
I'd be honored to hear your story, too. Feel free to hit 'reply' and share a bit about your journey, or we could save it for our first chat.
And speaking of chats, keep an eye on your inbox 👀 for my next email, where I'll share how we'll start this adventure together.
Warmest wishes,

P.S. Any questions about my coaching approach or my physician background? I'm an open book – ask away!

Email 3 of 7: Sent 1 day after Email 2

Subject: What Does Your Heart Want? Let's Discover It!

Let's Talk Dreams and Goals

Hi {{ subscriber.first_name }},
I was thinking about you today. About how brave you are for starting this journey.
So, let's talk about dreams. Not the ones that feel out of reach, but the ones that make your heart whisper, "I wish..."
Remember, this isn't about having it all figured out. It's just about listening to that little voice.
Your Blank Canvas..
Imagine your life as a beautiful canvas.
What would you paint on it?
More energy to play with your kids?
Confidence to try that salsa class?
Or simply the freedom to choose you without a pinch of guilt?
Write it down. One dream, two, however many you've got. And hey, no rush.
This is your canvas, your story.
Sharing Is Caring.
If you feel like sharing, I'd be honored to hear your vision.
And if you're not ready, that's okay too. We're just dipping our toes in the water, feeling the temperature.
Keep smiling, and watch out for my next email, where we'll gently explore turning dreams into plans.

Stay lovely,

P.S. Remember, a dream shared is a dream nurtured. I'm all ears when you're ready.

Email 4 of 7: Sent 1 day after Email 3

Subject: Ever Felt Like Someone's Got Your Back? You Do Now.. ✨

The Magic of Support

Hello {{ subscriber.first_name }},
Have you ever felt the relief of sharing a burden with a friend? Like a weight lifts off your shoulders?
That's the magic of support, and it's what I'm here for.
Around here, we're a circle of cheer, not judgment.
A little tribe where you can be real, be you, and be heard. And I'll be here, sharing my own stories, the wins and the whoops moments, because this journey?
It's real life.

Every Step Counts..

In your corner, I'll be the one clapping the loudest for every step you take.
Tripped? No sweat – I've got a hand to help you back up.
Because in this tribe, every try counts, every day is a new chance, and laughter is our favorite soundtrack.
Let's keep the conversation going – tell me, what's one thing that made you smile today?

Warmest hugs,

P.S. I'm curious – what's brought you joy today? It's sharing time, if you're ready.
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