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VA Intensive Internship Program

Experience actual VA tasks and slay the VA world with confidence!

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Who else wants to GET HIRED even while doing our internship program— at 20% off?

You will NEVER have to waste money again to land a client and start your career as a Virtual Assistant.
Introducing VA Intensive Internship program!
This isn’t just another internship where we’ll let you watch pre-recorded videos and tutorials.
Here’s what you’ll uncover:
enhance your knowledge about the VA world
acquire essential VA skills thru hands-on training on tools and software
gain actual experience and craft your portfolio with confidence
conquer your fear of facing clients through our mock interview
learn the secrets to land your first client and start earning as a successful Virtual Assistant
and many more tips and insider strategies from an expert coach!
Don’t be shy, we’re just a call away! Enjoy 20% savings when you book a call.
You may also visit our (website) to know more about our exciting offers.

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Who says you need EXPERIENCE to be an outstanding VA? Not Us!

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Caught in the infinite scroll of job listings, each one screaming 'experience required'? Let's put that to rest. Imagine snagging a VA gig where your enthusiasm and our coaching give you the edge, not years on a resume.
We're talking:
Bye-bye, job search overwhelm - hello, clear action plans.
From tech newbie to ninja with our easy-peasy tech walkthroughs.
Wave imposter syndrome goodbye with our confidence-boosting pro tips.

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Ready to outshine the 'experienced' crowd? Click [Sign Up] and let's show 'em what you're made of, every Tuesday, on us!

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