Hi, I'm JenLax.

I’m currently a product manager at Square.
Right now, I focus on helping merchants offer subscription products to their customers.
Feel free to read the
, or
of how I got here.

A few ways I’d describe myself professionally.

Experienced across FinTech, Retail and the rental space (a two-sided marketplace)
Work with highly talented peers and engineers to drive high quality features under aggressive timelines.
Love solving complex problems, harboring empathy for both our consumers and colleagues.
Collaborate seamlessly and efficiently with other teams - dev, design and QA - to launch delightful experiences for end users.
Carry a strong digital marketing background, which helps
in evangelizing products and features to the rest of the business - from sales/support to marketing

And personally.

I type as an
on the Myers-Briggs test.
→ Did you know?
Of all the 8 E types, ENFPs tend to be the most introverted.
I’m a mom now, and this has
Used to cook a lot, but limited time has me intrigued by subscription model meal delivery services.
Perk: it helps me build use cases for our Subscriptions integrations here at Square.
I believe The Lord of the Rings is one of the best trilogies ever made.
Starting to get into KPOP and Eastern Entertainment.

The long version...

MBTI Nerd? Let’s

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