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Hi, I'm JenLax.

I’m currently a product manager at Square.
Right now, I focus on business dashboards for sellers, on web and mobile.
Feel free to read the , or of how I got here.

A few ways I’d describe myself professionally.
Experienced across FinTech, Retail and the rental space (a two-sided marketplace)
Work with highly talented peers and engineers to drive high quality features under aggressive timelines.
Love solving complex problems, harboring empathy for both our consumers and colleagues.
Collaborate seamlessly and efficiently with other teams - dev, design and QA - to launch delightful experiences for end users.
Carry a strong digital marketing background, which helps in evangelizing products and features to the rest of the business - from sales/support to marketing

And personally.

I type as an
on the Myers-Briggs test.
→ Did you know? Of all the 8 E types, ENFPs tend to be the most introverted.
I’m a mom now, and this has
Used to cook a lot, but limited time has me intrigued by subscription model meal delivery services.
Perk: it helps me build use cases for our Subscriptions integrations here at Square.
I believe The Lord of the Rings is one of the best trilogies ever made.
Starting to get into KPOP and Eastern Entertainment.

The long version...

Born in New Jersey, raised by Tamilian parents.
Did you know? India has , one of which is Tamil.
Grew up with a love for all things music and played the piano for over 10 years.
In high school, I developed a knack for writing and history, with a passion for creative hobbies.
Painted my entire room, a mural in our backyard, and pretty much anything I could call a canvas.
Attended Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and received my BBA.
Marketing and Business Communications seemed like an obvious fit.
I also overloaded in classes for an English minor — to protect my love for reading literature and writing poetry.
Graduated — a bit lost and confused — and interned in the Fashion District in NYC.
It wasn’t for me.
Landed first real gig out of college as a “Social Media Associate” at a small software consulting firm.
Ended up running scrum meetings, testing our iOS app, and building design comps for software.
Knew there was a role perfect for me... before “product manager” became an industry title.
Continued on as a digital marketer at HSN and 352 Inc. until I realized I was performing PM skills under the guise of marketing.
→ Highlight: I met Tyra Banks and helped create digital integrations across the site for her new makeup line.
Consciously pivoted and became a “Certified Scrum Product Owner” via Scrum Alliance.
→ The real benefit? I learned from other product owners across both big orgs and nimble startups.
Worked at a FinTech firm helping clients (including Square) integrate with our Debit Payments API.
Accepted a PM role at Rentpath and built solid product chops among wonderful colleagues.
Largely responsible for the redesign and codestack migration for
Developed a mild obsession with A/B testing and multivariate testing to ship data-driven features.
Realized I wanted more of a challenge and loved everything Square represented.
→ Applied for a Platform PM role at Square.
Launched the Subscriptions API and 1st party product from 0-1 across Square ecosystem (POS, Developers and Ecom)
Moved internally to help build business dashboards for our Square sellers across mobile and web.
I love what I do and I’m passionate about our mission to help SMBs.

MBTI Nerd? Let’s

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