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7/10/2021 - Adding Buttons with JS
Today I worked more with the list program and removed the buttons from HTML and added the buttons with a function in JavaScript. This was exhausting.
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7/9/2021 - Traversing the DOM
Explored a little bit today about parents and siblings. I played around with some different methods such as setAttribute and appendchilld. I had a lot of fun with my lesson today, and feel like some things are starting to click that just couldn’t before.
7/8/2021 - Event Bubbling
Oh man. I feel like I’m right at the cusp of grasping this subject but for some reason I can’t quite get my head around it. Bubbling, target, event, I almost fee like my head is getting too full. I think I need to sleep on this one and come back to it tomorrow.
7/7/2021 - setTimeOut()
I almost didn’t make it today. It was my first day back at work after a long weekend and my head felt very clouded today. However, I buckled down and did 30 minutes of study. Less than the 60+ minutes I like to do everyday, but at least it was something.
Today I learned about setTimeOut. It had confused me a little at first, because documentation shows it accepts two parameters, a function and a timeframe, however all of the examples I saw also had a 3rd parameter. My understanding is that this third parameter is an argument that is passed into the function that is listed in the first parameter.
7/6/2021 - More DOM and my own addition!
Today I played with a project where I followed instructions on how to create button to add and remove items from a list. I had also took it a step further and created a button to clear all of the list items entirely. I put it up on my GitHub here
7/5/2021 - DOM Manipulation
Today I started reviewing DOM Manipulation. This is one subject that was very difficult for me to grasp when I first started learning programming a few years ago. Returning to it now, its making so much more sense. I think when I first started learning to write code, I was so over excited that I just wanted to learn everything as quick as possible. This lead me to missing important information and not taking the time to really truly understand what I was learning. I’m doing my best to take my time to really slow down and understand what it is I’m doing.
7/4/2021 - Learning Coda
Today I started learning about Coda and how I can use it to help me on my programming journey.
I resubmitted my first techdegree project, which you can find on my github here

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