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Twitter Terms

GM - good morning
GN - good night
FREN - friend
IRL - in real life
GMI - gonna make it
NGMI - not going to make it
WAGMI - we're all gonna make it
SER - sir
WEN - when
FUD - fear, uncertainty and doubt
BTFD – buy the f'ing dip
BUIDL - build useful stuff
DYOR - do your own research
FOMO - fear of missing out
HODL - holding on for dear life or holding on despite loss
PROBABLY NOTHING - often used sarcastically to mean the opposite. It probably is something.
REKT - wrecked, refers to a crypto trader who is ruined due to losses from a price crash
RUGGED - in general scammed. for example, when developers market a project to generate sales and then abandon it, taking existing profits and the project value (and buyer's NFT) goes to zero
SWEEP THE FLOOR - buying NFTs in bulk at the floor or base price

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