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Basics and Security

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Security Tips

Tips to keep in mind when navigating the web3 space to keep you and your assets safe.
Never share your
@Seed Phrase
with anyone - ever.
Check any contracts for anything that looks sketchy or unusual before signing.
Protocols and DApp without extensive documentation and unaudited Protocol contracts cannot be trusted. Always verify the Dapp and smart contracts before signing for token allowance
Be wary of any website or any link that requires you to connect your wallet or have funds in your wallet before connecting.
Do not save your passwords/seed phrase on any of your electronic devices.
Beware of links/private messages on Discord/Twitter. Turning off DMs in Discord is a good idea.
Back up your seed phrase.
Don’t mint from your
@Cold Wallet
. Don’t buy from your cold wallet. Don’t sell from your cold wallet.

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