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Getting Started

Fact. We all know Michael Scott was not the World’s Best Boss.


He wasn’t running on Coda.

Build a hub for your team to keep everyone informed, connected, and engaged. ⤵️

Getting Started

Welcome to your Team Hub,
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! This will be your home base to keep information updated, transparent, and useful to everyone on your team.
You’ll be able to make this doc your own and this template is simply meant as a starting point with some instructions along the way. Eager to learn more about Coda and how to make your doc awesome? Check out these resources:
for help articles
for videos and practice docs
for inspiration and templates
for doc/formula help & other discussions
for a breakdown of every supported formula in Coda
This for an intro to Coda

Throughout the doc you will see these text boxes with helpful info and directions. You'll want to delete this before finalizing your hub. To delete, just highlight all the text within a box and delete!

Your Next Steps

Make this doc your own!
Start by copying it!
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Consider adding pages
Update information
Clear out all our pre-populated information
Clear Table Data
Add any pertinent information and delete the text blocks that don’t apply
Once you’re ready to go, delete this page on the copied doc.
it or it!

Keep it Updated!

Use this
Request an update
button throughout your doc to track out of date information. You’ll find a table in the section that shows all the information and lets you request updates. You can copy this button by highlighting it and pasting it throughout the doc.

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