Attendance and Grade Tracker

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Attendance and Grade Tracking Template

Track daily attendance, participation, and grades for your classes all in one doc with lots of ways to customize!
With a plethora of options out there for grading and tracking attendance why not use the one that can do it all and in a way that work best for you. Coda let’s you customize and create a tool that works for you so you can capitalize on your work with students. Here’s the template to get started.

Overview of what’s in this doc and where to find what you need

Roster of students including an optional form to send out to collect more information
Log daily attendance and class participation
Overall attendance by class and by person
Your favorite part of teaching... grading! Log grades for your students and see all the grades logged.
See the grades for each person and students who may need some extra attention
Set your grading schema for the term/quarter and let Coda do the math!
Set your assignments for each class/section. You can utilize the canvas columns and some Packs to automatically send out assignments to your students or pull this data into another doc as a syllabus!
Get started by
Copying this doc
to make it your own. Once you’ve read through and have an idea of how it is built, press this button to
Clear out data
and get rolling!

Enjoy my (long-winded 🌬️ ) explanation of how to use this doc.


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